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Expert helping customer understand their data

Why should you connect to a specialist?

Do more with less

Gain insight and experiment without needing to spend tons on new software or people.

Make your data an advantage

Talk to experts about new ways of using your data.

Lower costs

Experts can help you resolve problems more quickly, leading to lower costs.

Reach new customers

Get assistance implementing new products and channels.

Stay competitive

Work with data & AI specialists in your vertical to deliver projects that will differentiate you.

Upskill staff

Help your staff learn from the best with our expert trainers in data & AI.


When you join Nightingale HQ, you get access to consultancies around the world specialising in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and many of the important supporting capabilities like Business Intelligence and Data Science. No matter what point your business is at in its Data & AI maturity, there's a specialist out there who can help you.

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