GoSmarter toolbox

No-hassle, no-code AI solutions

Improve operational processes

We know that running a manufacturing company can be tough, and we want to make it easier for you. That’s why we created GoSmarter Toolbox - an AI-powered suite of tools designed to help manufacturers improve operational processes in the areas where they need it most.

With our no-code interfaces, you can customise each tool to your needs without any coding skills required! And because all of our tools deploy into your cloud environment, IT retains complete control over spend and compliance. It doesn’t get much better than this!

GoSmarter Toolbox

AI + no-code = smarter processes

From adding invoices to accounting software to managing supplier onboarding – we have AI-powered no-code tools that automate it all! The best part is that we use Microsoft no-code technologies so customising things is easy with a simple drag-and drop interface. And even better yet? It only takes minutes before your company has automated processes running smoothly on autopilot.

GoSmarter Tools

You + NHQ = fast ROI

We understand that AI can be a scary subject, but we’re here to help. GoSmarter In A Day workshops deploy AI in your business so you can free up staff and increase process speeds while seeing tangible benefits for adopting it!

GoSmarter In A Day

Benefits for your business

Adopting AI can be a huge gain for your business! Digitally transforming your business and using the sorts of tools available in GoSmarter can help you achieve the following sorts of benefits:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved operational processes
  • Fewer errors
  • Easier compliance audits
  • More time for innovation
AI for manufacturers

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GoSmarter with AI

If you want to remain competitive, don’t waste valuable time waiting to decide the perfect radical transformation strategy. Instead get started now with small easy fixes that will have a real impact and start getting results in no-time!

Our GoSmarter toolbox offers the tools and skills needed for quick AI projects done fast – giving you more time to work on your company’s most important priorities while still staying out of trouble with stakeholders.

GoSmarter toolbox

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Which department would you like to boost using data & AI?

The importance of digital operations cannot be ignored. The right tools can not only help optimise your workflows, but also provide long-lasting efficiencies that will save you hours if not days on a daily basis.

Select a business function to learn how data and AI can help you gain efficiencies.

Finance & administration

Accounts payable

We can speed up your AP process with our Invoice Processing tool. It cuts the time for processing an invoice from 10 minutes to less than a minute!

Invoice Processing

Real-time business view

The wait until month-end to get the financial position of your company is not ideal. That's why we offer data integration tools that allow you to consolidate all this information in real time, so always know how things are going with your business and make better decisions for it.

Integrating data

Robotic Process Automation

Automating repetitive tasks with AI and/or RPA can save your company time, money, resources- which ultimately means a better bottom line.


How much of your business uses data & AI to work smarter?

Manufacturers that are adopting digital and AI tools must focus on productivity, efficiency, and growth. For every step you take forward with a new technology there is an added value in results no matter what stage of the process it may be at.

Select how much you use data and AI to see what things you can do to make the biggest impact.

Some departments

Speed up a move to the cloud

Use online capabilities to help you, your suppliers, and your customers share information more effectively

Microsoft Azure

Foster a culture of learning

To foster a culture of data and AI you have equip your staff with the knowledge they need to improve processes. Try online learning, internal lunch'n'learns, or get bespoke help

Data & AI training

Improve your business view

Business Intelligence helps you answer the question "What happened?". Getting this right gives you more time to think about the next level up "Why did it happen?"

Business view

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See the AI solutions that will help your business work smarter today.

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