About Nightingale HQ

We believe artificial intelligence (AI) will be integrated into almost every business in the next few years. Unfortunately, adopting AI means overcoming cultural, skills, and technical challenges that most businesses aren't equipped to identify, tackle, and monitor.

We're making it our mission to provide every business, no matter the size, with the tools they need to cut out the guesswork during this time of change.

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Florence Nightingale

Almost everyone has heard of the Lady with the Lamp. Nightingale worked as a nurse during the Crimea War and her local intervention made the difference in thousands of lives. But did you know she was one of the world's first and most successful data scientists?

Florence performed comprehensive studies into sanitation and medical care that revolutionised the way patients were cared for. Instead of publishing in a journal for medicial practitioners or statisticians to read, she made her work consumable by government and military people who could use it immediately.

Turning complex, messy, real-world experience into actionable, simple insight made a huge impact and it's this process we're seeking to achieve too. Thus we put our aspiration first and foremost in our name as a constant reminder!

Florence Nightingale attending a patient

Investment and support

We’re an early-stage startup currently bootstrapping ourselves during our pre-revenue phase, but we are looking for investors who can support our aspiration to become the world's first and foremost supporter of businesses adopting AI. Our location in Wales, UK and our participation on the Accelerated Growth Programme gives us additional opportunities for investors like matched funding from Welsh Government.

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Meet the team

Our founders are experts in their respective fields, data science and software engineering, who understand what it takes to integrate data science into organisations.

Steph Locke


Steph is an accomplished data scientist and ran Locke Data, a successful consultancy specialising in helping business adopt data science.

Steph Locke

Sarah Williams


Sarah is an experienced software architect and engineer, with experience leading software teams in startups.

Sarah Williams