Automation for invoice processing

Automation is key to driving digital experiences that help keep operations efficient and employees productive. Invoice processing is a key area where an automated solution can save time, money and increase productivity. If you deal with lots of suppliers, keep racking up late payment bills, or have to rectify incorrect payments, it's time to start using a tool that eliminates manual errors and simplifies your accounts payable process. Take back hours of time by automating the processing of invoices.

The GoSmarter Invoice Processor automatically:

  • Scans your email for invoices, bills and receipts
  • Extracts the data into a central spreadsheet for you

Many automated invoicing tools can begin to rack up costs when you exceed a certain number of invoices or wish to add additional users, however, the GoSmarter Invoice Processor is designed to be low cost, even when processing higher volumes of invoices.

With a big focus on detecting invoices, you don't need to worry about whether your suppliers are using an approved invoice app that connects with other tools. This means you can consolidate invoices from a wider range of sources.

From spreadsheet to accounting app

The Invoice Processor consolidates all your bills and invoices into a simple spreadsheet, which is far easier than trawling through emails to extract that data. From here you can just paste the data into your accounting software, or you can add another step to take care of that.

Depending on what accounting software you use, you may be able to upload your data from your Excel spreadsheet.