Augmenting Customer Services with Chatbots

Last week we kicked off our #AIFightsBack series to help businesses understand how AI can be used to support a safe and productive business during COVD-19 and beyond. The slides and video are now available.

We started our series with a presentation from me focused on how chatbots can reduce the burden on customer service staff and improve customer satisfaction by removing long call centre wait times from their day.

Aimed at business people, the talk explains what bots are in and how they fit in with apps and digital assistants. I then move into key use cases and case studies, including the World Health Organisations COVD-19 bot. I live demo some bots, including a health care support bot, and you can actually give them a go over the next month (the page comes down on 16th May 2020).

Augmenting customer services with chatbots from Stephanie Locke

After use cases, I go into some of the technologies I recommend for bot development and how build a bot effectively.

Unfortunately, we had some bandwidth challenges (we'll be iterating to improve this) so the sound is a bit dicey on the video but you can now watch the talk on YouTube.

Chatbots are also an effective tool in the marketers toolbox. You can also check out our AI for marketers webinar from this series, covering other AI tools and capabilities that can change the game.

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