COVID triggers a wave of automation

For companies that have survived thus far through the global pandemic, the next huge challenge they face is getting back to normal. Numerous factors, from uncertain cashflow to making the workplace safe enough to return to, prove that the old ways just won’t work.

Recovery isn’t about getting back to where you were, it’s about building something new.

Renovation with automation

Nightingale HQ recently won funding from Innovate UK to help businesses do just do that. We believe that every company could save time and money by using automation, and thanks to our GoSmarter project, we are now able to offer help to the UK businesses who could benefit from our 6 easy automation tools.

A step into the unknown

If automation is new to you, don’t fear. We have created a series of in depth webinars explaining each of our 6 tools in and how they are applicable to businesses. Our tools come with guided installation, so don’t need any technical skills to install them, and thanks to the funding, two of the tools come at no cost at all, and the others use very inexpensive Microsoft-based subscriptions, which are even cheaper if you already have an Office 365 subscription.

You can get started by checking out our quick videos on automation.

Automation isn’t about replacing

If you could get an extra member of staff without paying a whole extra salary, you would probably take them on, and you wouldn’t have to fire someone else to do it. Automation is about achieving more with what you have, which is more important than ever right now while resources are limited.

You can catch up on the GoSmarter webinar series below. Each webinar describes each of the GoSmarter tools and how to use them. You can already start using the tools when you sign up for GoSmarter: