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Author: Will Harris

Here at Nightingale HQ, we’re proud to be Microsoft partners. We use their tech to power our data and AI services. To showcase the impact Microsoft services can have, we’ve collected some of our favourite Microsoft manufacturing success stories.

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Will Harris

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Microsoft partners

We are Microsoft partners and we use a lot of their tech to power our data and AI services. They have come a long way in developing Cognitive Services that deliver some pretty neat AI to developers including computer vision, speech services, bots, and lots more. We can develop AI-powered tools quickly and focus on high-value tasks using the latest technology. Building inside the Azure environment also ensures compliance without the need for costly infrastructure upgrades or licensing agreements.

As adopting AI usually means moving to the cloud, we can also help manufacturers make this shift as we are registered Cloud Solution Providers (CSP). Steph Locke, our CEO, is recognised by Microsoft as one of their Most Valued Professionals (MVPs) in Data Platform and Artificial Intelligence, she is one of four in the world to hold this dual award.

Tooling as an enabler

As partners, we help customers get the latest technology solutions to meet their needs. Microsoft services and tools have a proven track record of success for businesses of all sizes. Amidst the disruption of the global pandemic, countless organisations have depended on Microsoft tech to stay connected and productive.

In the last year, some of the largest manufacturers have turned to their solutions. A growing number of them are accelerating the digitalising of their operations and moving to the cloud. Many have turned to their solutions to improve their use and management of data, while others have done so to adopt the latest AI solutions. 

Manufacturing case studies

We’ve collected some of our favourite manufacturing success stories. Check them out and see the impact AI-powered tools have had on some of the industry’s biggest names. They’ve used a range of services for different purposes, but all have delivered positive results for their team and their bottom line.

  1. Siemens Smart Infrastructure: This is the future of customer service
    Siemens identified customer service as a key area for success, so they decided to optimise customer service process with Microsoft 365 field service. It allowed them to simplify the workflows of 12,000 employees worldwide, and to react flexibly and quickly to future disruptive change.
  2. MULTIVAC moves to Microsoft Azure and reduces complexities for customers
    Multivac, a packaging solutions company, recognised the need to streamline its processes. Dealing with many clients in every continent meant machines had to be configured to meet the needs of varying customers. Multivac turned to Azure IoT hub, this allowed them to develop an app that allowed clients to configure their own packaging.
  3. Aviko, creates a high-availability cloud setup to support 24-hour operations 
    Aviko, one of Europe’s largest producers of potato products, used Microsoft to help launch their first fully automated warehouse. Using Cloud technology, they are able to calculate the optimum way to store products and communicate orders to over 30 automated robots.
  4. ArcelorMittal: inside the steel manufacturer’s data-driven approach towards industry 4.0 
    ArcelorMittel, a steel manufacturer, decided to migrate their SAP applications to the cloud. Using Azure they were able to control costs and use insights from data to identify new ways to innovate.
  5. Valmont Coatings leverages Azure technology to revolutionize services, save materials, and delight customers 
    Valmont coatings have been galvanising steel for over 50 years. They found traditional methods of communication in the industry to be slow and labour intensive. They moved their operations to Azure and saw huge improvements to customer service while refining processes and saving money.
  6. Rolls Royce’s sustainable digital transformation
    Rolls Royce realise that reducing carbon emissions must be a priority now and into the future. They turned to Azure and Power BI to help serve their engineering teams with better insights to be able to reduce carbon production.
  7. Coats stays agile and responsive under any conditions with Microsoft solutions
    Coats are the worlds leading industrial thread manufacturer. To keep the business running smoothly and provide a platform for innovation, Coats moved IT resources to the cloud. This gave them the flexibility to maintain continuity amidst the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  8. Ricoh’s factory of the future with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and AI
    Technology giant Ricoh has started using Microsoft Azure machine learning and AI across all areas of its factory. They now have real-time machine optimisation, automated cost reduction, predictive maintenance, and intelligent product tracking. This has allowed them to manage costs and access greater insights.
  9. PhlexGlobal turned to AI to get vaccines to market faster 
    PhlexGlobal is a leading technology and services organisation in the life sciences sector, where documentation has traditionally been a manual and paper-based process. By moving to the cloud with Azure they were able to improve the time taken to index documents by 25-30%.
  10. Saint-Gobain glass production efficiency shines with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist
    Saint Gobain turned to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist to help support their workers around the world. Now, maintenance and training are faster, more impactful, and more sustainable.

We hope you found some of these case studies interesting. It’s clear Microsoft services have had a positive impact on some of the biggest names in the industry. Their technology offers many possibilities and allows organisations to remain flexible while innovating.

Learn more by reading further Microsoft Customer Stories, or if you want to find out how we can help your business, get in touch and schedule a free call with our AI team.

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