2022 Government AI

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Author: Ruth Kearney

In an effort to increase visibility of UK technology start-ups the Welsh and UK governments participated in Start-up BW conference in Batten-Württemberg Germany this September.

Ruth Kearney

CEO of Nightingale HQ


The region is one of the most industrial in Europe and is especially known for its strong economy with various industries like car manufacturing, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering. The NHQ team were selected to pitch at the summit and got the opportunity to connect with some of the most prominent German manufacturers including Festo, Bosch, Boehringer Ingelheim and Trumpf to name but a few.

We got the opportunity to meet with Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, the Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour, and Tourism of Baden-Württemberg who is actively pushing to improve tax and R&D incentives for founders. There was a strong emphasis on crossing-national borders recognising that many founding teams are international and operating in a global marketplace. This is certainly the case with Nightingale HQ as we continue to grow the business across the UK, Ireland, and Germany.

We were joined at the event with 48 founders from 10 Nations contributing to showcasing UK tech ecosystem. It was a great opportunity for us to meet with Welsh and UK government representatives working on the ground in Germany to develop links between both countries; Marc Shanker Senior Business Development Manager for the Welsh government and Frank Ambos Senior Trade Adviser at Department for International Trade (DIT) provide valuable insight and contacts in the market making business development easier. Nicola Pinder is another prominent contact for UK organisations interested in expanding their business or relationships into Germany.

Overall, a great event to accelerate our understanding of the German tech and manufacturing markets and to learn more about Batten-Württemberg, one of the most industrial regions in Europe.

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