Women in Manufacturing Digital Transformation 2022

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Author: Samantha Dart MSc

Our CEO Ruth Kearney visits Ireland’s leading dry ice supplier, Polar Ice.

Samantha Dart MSc

Digital Marketing Intern


Our CEO Ruth Kearney visits Ireland’s leading dry ice supplier, Polar Ice. 

A Brief History of Polar Ice

Polar Ice is a family run business established in 1996, they are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Dry Ice in Northern Ireland. They began with two employees and now have a team of seventeen people. Due to their hard work and dedication they have achieved an impressive market growth of over 800%.

Alison Ritchie is the managing director of Polar Ice, she helped to set up the company alongside her father and two brothers. In 2013, Polar Ice invested in food grade manufacturing and are certified to BRC v8 and ISO9001:2015. Due to consistently striving to achieve the highest grade in their BRC Quality audits, they are the approved dry ice supplier to some of the country’s top meat processors and food suppliers. To ensure their high standards are maintained, Polar ice employ their own quality assurance experts and operate a clean room manufacturing environment to prevent any physical, chemical, or microbial contaminants in their dry ice. As a result of their exacting standards, Polar Ice have received recognition for their achievements in several industry awards including the Ulster Bank Business Achievers Award 2015 - Winner of Women Led Business in Leinster.

Why Is Dry Ice So Important?

Among Polar Ice’s many customers, pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer use their dry ice in their shipping containers to transport drugs required to be stored at continuously low temperatures. Aer Lingus also uses dry ice provided by Polar Ice in their onboard catering storage units. Further examples include medical uses such as hospitals and labs to store samples and the Irish Blood Transfusion Service to transport vital plasma products. Whilst there are a number of industries that use dry ice, Polar Ice manufactures a range of products including blocks, slices, and pellets with custom-sized dry ice products on request making it a unique experience tailored to the client.

We are looking forward to working with Polar Ice as their digital partner and supporting them on their digitalisation journey made possible with our digitalisation voucher. To find out more about our digitalisation voucher check out our website or book a call to see how digitalisation could help your business.