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Author: Will Harris

As digital transformation and AI adoption become the norm in manufacturing it’s vital that management are all on the same page. A lack of understanding of AI and a fear of the unknown are some of the key barriers to successful implementation in most organisations. Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals could be your solution.

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Will Harris

Sales and Marketing professional


AI adoption is becoming increasingly widespread across the world. Realistically, everyone in manufacturing will need to integrate it into their operations in the coming years if they want to stay ahead of the competition. It is inevitable. If you don’t, you truly risk getting left behind.  

Understandably, implementing AI can be difficult especially for teams who are already busy and under pressure. A major barrier to using these smart tools is a lack of skills and knowledge and often a fear of the unknown.  

Fortunately, this is something that can be fixed easily. One great way to get your AI knowledge up to speed is with Microsoft’s Azure AI fundamentals certification. The course takes around 10 hours to complete and covers all the basics of AI, focusing on practical applications.

Even if your business has a strong IT department that is experienced in deploying AI tools, having your management team understand the technology is crucial for successful implementation.

At Nightingale HQ, most of the team have taken the Azure AI Fundamentals qualifications. I was only a few weeks into the job when I took the exam. It was a fantastic opportunity and I enjoyed learning about the value that AI can bring to business. It has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on my own and my colleagues’ understanding of AI and Machine Learning at all levels of business. I would recommend it to any business looking to implement AI into their operations. 

“Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals provide employees at all levels of technical ability with the basics of AI and machine learning. It’s a brilliant way to get to know the different types of AI and machine learning as well as their practical uses in the real world.” 

Nightingale HQ Commercial Director Ruth Kearney. 

The exam costs $99(USD) or £69GBP which puts it in affordable territory when considering the positive impact it can have on your team’s AI knowledge.   

The Microsoft exam can help you build up a greater level of digital and AI literacy among your management, which is vital for successful digital transformation. The content of the certification highlights key applications of AI and their potential benefits. Its practical focus also helps showcase the range of capabilities and value that it can bring to business.  

Why get your team certified? 

AI is only going to take on a larger role in society as time progresses. Many manufacturing companies are beginning to incorporate it into their operations, which is something we’re passionate about here at Nightingale HQ. As this happens it’s going to be vital that you understand the basics of the tools and technology your staff will be using. 

You don’t need a technical background to get the AI Fundamentals certification, just a willingness to learn and an interest in AI and machine learning. If you’re in the manufacturing industry, I’m sure you’re aware it’s going to be necessary to upskill some of your staff over the next decade as the workplace transitions into Industry 4.0. This new era of manufacturing offers exciting opportunities but can be intimidating for management and for staff who may fear replacement by automation. Upskilling your team is the best way to ensure you have the necessary tools to continue improving efficiency in the workplace. A foundational understanding of AI is a great place to start. 

The course 

The Azure AI fundamentals course is taught through several teaching methods which caters well to different types of learners. It is taught via online learning in the form of short pages of text and videos. This consists of several learning paths covering computer vision, natural language processing and conversational AI. There is also the option available to book someone for a training day.  

Finally, there is the exam. The course comes with a way to test yourself, so you’ll get plenty of chances to practice. You can take customisable mock tests until you feel confident enough to pass. These let you to select the number of questions and the areas you’d like to focus on. The exam consists of 40-60 questions, with an hour to complete. 

The benefits 

While I have detailed some key benefits above, there are some more to consider.  

  • First, it ensures that IT is less siloed from the rest of the business. If company leadership understands what is being implemented, they can foster a mutual understanding between departments. 
  • Second, it opens possibilities for team members to develop skills and abilities in new areas, which could be necessary with Industry 4.0 changes in the coming years. 
  • Third, it can be useful if you wish to encourage citizen development in your organisation. While no-code tools require very little technical knowledge, understanding how AI and machine learning work can still be particularly useful for developing applications that integrate these concepts. 

In short, the certification is well worth considering. The course itself can easily be completed in a day, while you need only a few more days to revise for the exam. Not to mention the potential benefits are long-lasting. Go get your team upskilled with Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals. You won’t regret it.

You’ll find everything you need to know about Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals here.

AI for manufacturing

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