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Author: Ruth Kearney

Accelerating digitalisation with electronics manufacturer Philtronics Limited

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Ruth Kearney

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“We have gone through an extended period of growth and with the support of NHQ we are able to accelerate our digitalisation efforts (developing a strategy and roadmap) to match this success. We know exactly what we have to do in terms of investing in our systems, processes and most importantly our people in order to drive exciting change within the next 12 -18 months and NHQ are a core part of this journey”. Simon Pritchard, CEO, Philtronics

Philtronics are a Wales-based contract electronic manufacturer (CEM), offering outsourced electronic manufacturing services (EMS) to a range of customers. They have experienced aggressive growth over the past 24 months, doubling in both factory space and staff numbers. Revenue grew 20% over the global pandemic and they are ready invest in their core systems, processes and their people. They partnered with NHQ to evaluate their current position and understand what direction and steps they should take regarding technology solutions and their broader digitalisation strategy.


The NHQ team worked with the leadership team to map key business processes and identify areas of improvement. They evaluated current systems and where efficiencies could be delivered with integrations and new tools.


  • Map core business process in order to consolidate knowledge and identify areas for digitalisation
  • Review existing systems and primary service providersMake recommendations for new technologies including document management system (DMS)
  • Reduce paper-based processes on the factory floor via monitors, barcoding and PDAs
  • Evaluate the level of digital literacy within the company and assess training needs 
  • Advise on skill and hiring requirements to support successful digitalisation


  • Developed a comprehensive workflow for core business processes
  • DMS recommendations aligned with business objectives and existing systems
  • Identified under-utilised solutions and where they could deliver quick efficiencies
  • Identified ’quick-win’ process automations across the business to save time
  • Improvements to operating and security infrastructure
  • Profiling for hiring of digitalisation team
  • Digital skills training and upskilling recommendations
  • Identify funding and support mechanisms to support implementation


  • Map key business process in preparation for digitalisation
  • Recommend appropriate DMS to improve operations
  • Delivered digital roadmap and action plan for implementation

Accelerate digitalisation across your factory

Improve operations fast

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