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Author: Ruth Kearney

Letterbox Lab uses chatbots to deal with unprecedented demand caused by the global pandemic.

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Ruth Kearney

Ruth is focused on driving the commercial path at Nightingale HQ, reaching out to manufacturers to share the GoSmarter toolkit, and driving awareness …

"Using GoSmarter tools to streamline repetitive processes makes good business sense. Having a FAQ Chatbot took the pressure off us and meant that we could deal with more queries online. It gave us a 24/7 customer service channel to communicate with potential customers. It freed up time for us to do more productive stuff like expand the team and take our business to the next level."

Mia Hatton - Director, Letterbox Labs

This B2C manufacturing and ecommerce business deals with customers and suppliers from all over the world had to quickly increase production and assembly to meet new demand. Demand for their main product, a science kit, exploded overnight. On 18 March 2020 online subscription rates increased six-fold within 24 hours.

From their Worklab space in Wales, the team was dealing with increasing orders and volume queries from both customers and suppliers. Within a week of the lockdown announcement, they had become so inundated with new customers they had to suspend their online registration.


Our approach was to support the business to keep up with the volume of questions coming from several different communication channels and successfully capture demand from new customers. We helped them to deploy the GoSmarter Chatbot tool to deal with the most common questions asked by customers and take the pressure off the production and management team.


This aim was to build a Microsoft Azure-hosted chatbot and deploy it to the company website and social media channels. With a little support, their bot was up and running in hours and responding to customer queries worldwide and 24/7.


Their personalised bot christened LetterBOT became the newest member of their customer service team. It was able to guide new users through their product range and help them to choose the right subscription. It took the pressure off the team and was able to deal with volume questions.

Key results

  • Deployed a Microsoft Azure-hosted FAQ Chatbot
  • Used a Microsoft QnA Maker knowledgebase to keep the bot relevant and up-to-date
  • Selected a pre-built personality and style to suit the brand
  • Staff trained to maintain the knowledge base

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