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Author: Ruth Kearney

As part of the ongoing work on the causes and spread of respiratory disease, the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research in Germany sought to build on the success of the open research platform collaborating on the seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2 ( We rapidly scaled two additional open research platforms supporting greater collaboration on the seroprevalence of Influenza and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). ​

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Ruth Kearney

Ruth is focused on driving the commercial path at Nightingale HQ, reaching out to manufacturers to share the GoSmarter toolkit, and driving awareness …

"Data access of paediatric viral respiratory infection (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) and influenza infections in times of COVID-19 will help us to improve evidence-based decision-making over the next years. Working with Nightingale HQ meant that we were able to draw from key expertise of data visualisation and software development, and benefit from upskilling so we can manage the platform internally longer term."

Manuela Harries, Helmholtz Project Researcher for RESPINOW


The aim of the project was to build two additional data platforms modelling the key driving factors of serohub. Our approach had to support four primary aims: be a community space for researchers, allow for critical appraisal of diagnostic trials, host study-related documents and be a cloud-based, meta-analysis platform.


  • Build a centralised platform where researchers can share studies, publications, and data easily
  • Incorporate four key platform elements: community, trial summary, document, and meta-analysis
  • Build internal capabilities with core documentation and training
  • Connect with the PubMed research library so that articles could be automatically published on the platform.


  • Aligned with research, management and technical teams on data infrastructure
  • Built a platform using the Netlify CMS to easily manage content
  • Used cost effective tools like GitHub and Hugo to enable greater levels of collaboration and scalability
  • Delivered a public website and a service environment for researchers
  • Created extensive users guides and project documentation
  • Delivered digital training and Q&A sessions to staff to ensure scalability.

Key results

  • New platforms live for Influenza & RSV
  • Shortcode integration with PubMed to deliver journal articles

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