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Author: Ruth Kearney

Galetech Group is a leading player in the renewable energy sector, offering a comprehensive set of solutions throughout the renewable energy lifecycle.

Ruth Kearney

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Renewables group speeds up digitalisation to support growth​

We recently engaged Nightingale HQ to conduct a comprehensive digital review for Galetech Group, and we are extremely pleased with the outcome. The approach taken by the consultancy was not only highly engaging but also deeply integrated with feedback from various levels within our organisation.From the outset, the team demonstrated a genuine commitment to understanding our business in detail. This thorough understanding was evident in the meticulously crafted roadmap they provided, which outlines a clear and actionable plan for a 24-month staged rollout. This roadmap is both comprehensive and tailored to our specific needs, ensuring that we are well-prepared for the future. Georgina Quigley, Group Business Integrator, Galetech Group

Galetech Group is a leading player in the renewable energy sector, offering a comprehensive set of solutions throughout the renewable energy lifecycle. The group has ambitious plans to expand over the next 24 months and is transitioning to a shared services model. To support its growth, the company understands the importance of a robust digitalisation strategy to consolidate and streamline its systems. Nightingale HQ conducted a digitalisation review to evaluate its current situation and make recommendations on where the group needs to invest in terms of systems, skills, and personnel.


Evaluate existing systems and integrations across the group and provide recommendations on optimising and streamlining with appropriate technical solutions. Provide advisory around skills development and leadership to implement the digital roadmap. ​


  • Assess existing systems and processes across the identify areas of synergy and consolidation
  • Recommend cost-effective technical solutions that scale across the group​
  • Evaluate the level of digital literacy within the company and assess future upskilling and training needs​
  • Identify key technology hires and funding to support implementation.​​


  • Delivered a digitalisation roadmap with actionable recommendations, priorities, costings and owners​
  • Evaluated solutions for shared workspace and a centralised storage system​
  • Recommended single integrated financial system ​
  • Recommended self-service HR platform to support learning and skills development​
  • Assessed SCADA solutions for centralising and managing operational control data.​
  • Advised on upgrade of inventory system to avail of extra features and integrations​
  • Identified high-value, quick-win projects relating to automating work instructions and reporting​
  • Identify IT hiring requirements to oversee the digitalisation roadmap. ​
  • Identify funding opportunities to implement digital roadmap.​


Overall, the digitalisation review provided a comprehensive analysis and roadmap for the Galetech Group to support its growth. The  adoption of recommended technical solutions will help drive productivity and their shared services model across the business.

Throughout the engagement, the entire team was exceptionally easy to work with. Their knowledge of the current digital landscape is impressive, and they effectively combined this expertise with a strong focus on the people aspect of transformational change. This balanced approach has given us confidence that our digital transformation will be both successful and sustainable.We would highly recommend Ruth and her team at Nightingale HQ for their professional, knowledgeable, and personable approach. Their ability to deeply understand our business and provide a detailed, actionable plan has been invaluable. Georgina Quigley, Group Business Integrator, Galetech Group