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Author: Ruth Kearney

Adopting AI, usually means adopting the cloud too. We help manufacturers adopt the cloud as part of their journey.

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Ruth Kearney

Ruth is focused on driving the commercial path at Nightingale HQ, reaching out to manufacturers to share the GoSmarter toolkit, and driving awareness …


Nightingale HQ (NHQ) helps manufacturers save money and innovate faster than their competition by providing access to a marketplace of AI and automation products and services.

To help our customers we are Microsoft partners and registered Cloud Solution Providers (CSP). Steph Locke, our CEO, is also a Microsoft Most Valued Professional in both Data Platform and AI, as well as a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

Microsoft partners

Solution providers that partner with Microsoft help customers get up-to-date Microsoft technology-based customer solutions to meet their needs.

We can help you assess your needs, identify solutions to meet the requirements, and deliver Microsoft technology-based solutions to help you save time and money.

The move to the cloud is a huge advantage for any manufacturer but it’s also a significant shift. At NHQ, whilst our focus is on helping you leverage advanced analytical capabilities like AI, we know it has to rest on a strong foundation.

We can help you grow your business and revenue in the cloud through our tools, or via our service provider directory.

We’re Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers

This means we are signed up with Microsoft to support customers, including setting up and managing a cloud data & AI environment for them. Working with us as your CSP helps you keep your staff headcount down, get expert support, and adopt best practices seamlessly.

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Find out how AI can add value to your business.

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