Help your business take a clear step forward in its use of digital and AI technologies to free up staff time.

Our GoSmarter In A Day workshops get you up and running with a solution to solve a specific problem and then deliver training in the afternoon to ensure that ROI isn’t just gained from that solution, but from further solutions your staff can go and build to solve other problems.

Each workshop implements a GoSmarter tool to provide a clear demonstrator of value using AI and no-code solutions.

FAQ Chatbot In a Day

Cut query volumes by more than 50% with an FAQ chatbot.

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RPA In a Day

Going from simple, back-office task automation to scaled automation to handle time-consuming business processes can be a challenge.

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Apps In a Day

Grow existing markets and develop new revenue streams by building your own business apps.

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AI360 for Manufacturers

Learn about how AI will impact and transform your business.

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Sales AI In a Day

Help your sales team convert more leads, keep relationships in tip-top shape, and provide improved month-end forecasts.

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Supplier Management In a Day

Empower your suppliers with self-service access and reduce the burden on your own team.

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Invoice Processing In a Day

Automate invoice processing for your Accounts Payable team

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Social Listening In a Day

Learn how to create AI-supported social media workflows to improve your presence and monitoring of social media.

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