Learn about how AI will impact and transform your business.
Industry4.0 and Servitisation have seen many leaders already investing in digital & AI capabilities. Those who are digitally transforming are pulling ahead with 32% higher net margins and 67% higher revenue growth than competitors.

AI is proving a critical capability as part of manufacturers modernisation efforts. Being more digitally savvy and moving faster with software is increasingly differentiating businesses from their slower, less adaptable competitors.

AI can help reduce overheads, generate revenue opportunities, and manage risk in an organisation. With so much potential from an emerging technology, many leaders don’t know how to get started.

This event is a practical day designed to accelerate the creation of an AI strategy within the organisation. This gives manufacturers a prioritised project list, an understanding of the types of AI that will help them, and a plan for dealing with operational considerations like hiring and compliance.


Run remotely, this online event helps a leadership team learn about AI and develop an effective and tailored strategy.

  • 10:00 Artificial Intelligence (AI) in manufacturing
  • 11:30 Routes for adopting AI
  • 13:00 Identifying AI uses cases in your business
  • 14:30 Organisational AI strategy components
  • 16:00 Putting together the strategy pieces


Practically oriented, the key takeaway from this In A Day event is a draft AI strategy. Additionally, the team will get critical knowledge to overcome one of of the biggest blockers to ROI from AI initiatives – executive understanding and ownership.

Business checklist

This event will be of benefit to you if you have:

  • Manufacturing business
  • Five or more senior leaders
  • Currently reviewing business strategy
  • Interested in understanding how AI can help

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