Grow existing markets and develop new revenue streams by building your own business apps.

As the demand for apps continues to grow, so too does the struggle to find the technical talent to meet these needs. The App In A Day event will demonstrate how to quickly support staff through the creation of a new business app and train people to build more.

Apps In a Day is for IT professionals from beginners to advanced developers who want to work with the business to get solutions out fast. Whether you need self-service capabilities or to build complex customised applications, this is a great opportunity to drive accelerated app innovation across any business.


  • 10:00​ An introduction to Power Apps
  • 10:30​ Develop a business scenario
  • 12:00​ Initial technical setup​
  • 13:30​ Build the Power App
  • 15:30​ Power Apps training
  • 16:30​ Review and next steps​


  • Microsoft Power Platform subscription
  • Staff trained to maintain the knowledgebase

Common outcomes

  • Breakeven on investment within one week of launching
  • Supports IT department to scale app development
  • Develop new revenue streams
  • Demonstrator of AI within the company
  • Increased digital literacy across the organisation

Business checklist

This event will be of benefit to you if you have:

  • Microsoft PowerApps subscription
  • A Microsoft Azure subscription (alternatively we can set you up as part of this event)

Logistics on the day

We deliver the technical implementation and training remotely via Microsoft Teams.

Throughout the day, different groups of your staff can come and go making the real cost (ie staff time!) much lower than a fixed project or day of training.

We can even work without any external access being granted via the “Request Control” function (meaning a Windows device is required) with a technical team member.

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