Automate and streamline manual, repetitive tasks quickly.
Going from simple, back-office task automation to scaled automation to handle time-consuming business processes can be a challenge.

Automation technology is changing how the world gets work done and freeing up time for more high-value tasks. In a day participants will learn how to automate and streamline manual tasks such as online ordering, data collection, onboarding, document processing, and much more. They will work on automating processes from their own work and cut repetitive tasks fast.

RPA In a Day is for individuals working in operations and managers from functional areas looking to improve processes. RPA tools can be used across many departments including finance, compliance, legal, customer service, operations, IT, and more.


  • 10:00 An introduction to RPA
  • 10:30 RPA preparation 
  • 12:00 Initial technical setup 
  • 13:30 RPA integration 
  • 15:00 No-code RPA training 
  • 16:30 Review and next steps 


  • A Microsoft Power Automate environment
  • A Power Automate cloud automated process
  • A Power Automate desktop automated process
  • Staff trained to maintain the solutions and develop new ones

Common outcomes

  • Breakeven on investment within one week of launching
  • Freed up staff time
  • Increased productivity
  • Demonstrator of automation & AI within the company
  • Improved auditability of processes
  • Increased digital literacy across the organisation

Business checklist

This event will be of benefit to you if you have:

  • Documented online (Microsoft 365, Software as a Service) types of processes and/or desktop processes
  • A Microsoft 365 tenant (alternatively we can set you up as part of this event)

Logistics on the day

We deliver the technical implementation and training remotely via Microsoft Teams.

Throughout the day, different groups of your staff can come and go making the real cost (ie staff time!) much lower than a fixed project or day of training.

We can even work without any external access being granted via the “Request Control” function (meaning a Windows device is required) with a technical team member.

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