Listening to customers online makes good business sense.
Learn how to create AI-supported social media workflows to improve your presence and monitoring of social media.

How much easier would your job be if you could listen to the social conversations going on about your brand, products, and campaigns online without lots of manual searching?

Social Listening In A Day helps you set up no-code monitoring of Twitter to analyse relevant tweets and automate how you handle them. With integrated natural language processing for tasks like sentiment analysis, and content moderation for shared media, you can craft the perfect process to meet your needs.


  • 10:00 Introduction to Social Media Listening
  • 10:30 Technical setup
  • 13:00 Setup workflow configuration 
  • 15:00 No-code workflow training
  • 16:30 Review & next steps


  • A Microsoft Azure Cognitive services facility
  • A Microsoft Azure or Power Automate hosted social listening workflow
  • Staff equipped to automate further processes

Common outcomes

  • Breakeven on investment within one week of launching
  • Freed up marketing time for content marketing
  • Improved customer services through omni-channel outreach
  • Demonstrator of automation & AI within the company
  • Increased digital literacy in the organisation

Business checklist

This event will be of benefit to you if you have:

  • A Microsoft Azure subscription or Power Automate licenses (alternatively we can set you up with either of these as part of this event)
  • A Twitter account
  • A Microsoft 365 account is helpful

Logistics on the day

We deliver the technical implementation and training remotely via Microsoft Teams.

Throughout the day, different groups of your staff can come and go making the real cost (ie staff time!) much lower than a fixed project or day of training.

We can even work without any external access being granted via the “Request Control” function (meaning a Windows device is required) with a technical team member.

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