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Digital innovation is vital

Digital innovation is vital

Industry 4.0 and Servitization have seen ½ of UK manufacturers already start investing in digital & AI capabilities.

Manufacturers who are digitally transforming are pulling ahead with 32% higher net margins and 67% higher revenue growth than competitors.

To keep or make that sort of progress, you need to be thinking about your adoption of digital & AI.

How can you use digital & AI to radically transform or incrementally improve your business?

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  • Build internal capabilities and upskill with industry-led online courses

  • Think strategically about AI and how to make AI practical

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Industry 4.0

Businesses are introducing AI rapidly.

The landscape of your industry is changing. If you’re not already adopting AI, now is the time to get started.


    We need digital tech : 90%


    IoT data will help us : 88%


    Ready to invest in digital : 53%


    Using AI : 30%