Artificial intelligence can be applied in many unique and interesting ways, which get more specific when you look at each industry. Take a deeper dive into the workings of AI in your sector.


The manufacturing industry is in a constant race to increase productivity, save time, but keep upping the quality.

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AI has a wealth of applications within healthcare from highly technical, right down to oiling the wheels of administration.

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Financal Services

The financial world is increasingly driven by personalisation and experiences based around the customer. FinTech companies have excelled at doing this using interesting AI techniques, but banks, too, are catching up.

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AI can help government bodies by automating administrative tasks such as processing fines, sending tax reminders and other back-office functions, but it can also be used in more complex algorithms like predicting crime, or risk assessments for buildings and structures.

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AI in retail The retail industry is a prime setting for AI as it is so rich in real-time data and has plenty of room for trial and error.

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AI-powered Educational Technology (EdTech) can help broaden the horizons of education to be more inclusive and increase participation by supporting students and increasing engagement.

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