Industries in depth

Artificial intelligence can be applied in many unique and interesting ways, which get more specific when you look at each induatry. Take a deeper dive into the workings of AI in your sector.


From automating design to optimising processes and enhancing worker safety, AI in manufacturing will drive efficiency and productivity.


The healthcare sector is packed with data that can be used to optimise processes and overcome medical challenges, from reducing patient wait times to performing surgery.

Financal Services

Banks and FinTechs are turning to AI to meet the demands of security regulations and customers who now expect financial services to be more personalised.


Governments can make use of AI in many forms, from resource allocation to interacting with the public among other unique challenges.


From powerful recommendation engines and fine-tuned personalisation, the retail industry is using AI to get close to customers and streamline operations.


Educational technology that uses AI can bed used to enhance educational programmes, tune into students progress and create tailored and accessible lessons.