The manufacturing industry is in a constant race to increase productivity, save time, but keep upping the quality. AI has the ability to relieve some of the pressure by automating tasks and utilising their data.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has allowed manufacturers to collect more data than ever, and make optimisations based on this data. IIoT devices can be slowly integrated or retrofitted to legacy equipment to allow greater connectivity and insights across a shop floor.

A digital twin can be created to represent a process, product or service. The digital twin can be used to optimise processes or track the condition of a machine. It can also support predictive maintenance which reduces outages and associated costs.

Inventory management and even risk management can be handled with AI, while it can also be used for generative design, creating multiple outputs based on certain constraints, allowing a designer to work on other stages of the design, rather getting blocked with coming up with ideas.

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