At Nightingale HQ, we’re here to help you achieve more. Our tools help you save time, cut costs and focus on the things that really matter. However, we understand that getting started with new technology can be a bit intimidating. The good news is our no-code tools are easy to use - you won’t need to be an IT expert to get started. We offer support to help you with using them and we’re here to deal with any of your queries.  

When you first register, we offer a quick tour around the app. Then, we have a simple guide that gives you the information you need to get started. This includes any software you may need. Each tool also has its own short guide. These will walk you through everything you need to know before you get started.  

We know it can be daunting starting off on your automation journey, so our team of AI experts are here to help. In the app, you can book a call with our AI specialists or our CEO. Select a time that suits your needs and speak to them over the phone or by video call.  

If your concern is less urgent, feel free to raise a ticket. We’ll get back to you fast via email.  

We also have an extensive knowledgebase of glossaries and guides. Whether you’re confused or want to learn more about data science, machine learning, or Microsoft services, there’s something there for you.

What does Nightingale HQ actually do?

Nightingale HQ is a diverse group of individuals who share the same goal - to make Your Business and Your People AI-ready.


Why can't I sign up?

You must be using a company email account.


Are there any fees?

Nightingale HQ is currently free to use.


How can I search for partners?

The best way to find partners with your desired skillset is to fill in your own profile.


How can I reset my password?

By visiting the 'Forgot Password' page on the app.


How can I edit my company?

By signing in to the Nightingale HQ app and navigating to your company page.


Can I contact partners?

Definitely! Message them, go to their site, or tweet them.


What is a Partner?

We use the word partner a lot so here's a definition!


What are Tech Stacks?

A tech stack is a list of programming languages, libraries, frameworks and tools used by developers to create an application.


How do I know I can trust Nightingale HQ?

We respect the terms of our privacy policy and operate under GDPR compliance.