What is data platform development?

Welcome to the Nightingale HQ overview of data platform development services. Here we aim to introduce people to what they need to know.

Definition of data platform development

A data platform is a service that includes data collection, storage and analysis. Developing a data platform creates a central service that encompasses a data warehouse, business intelligence tools, and a suite of data science and analytical environments.

What is data platform development?

Executive view

Developing a data platform can transform your organisation’s approach to storage and analysis of data by creating a central hub that is secure, efficient and flexible enough to suit your organisation’s growing and changing needs.
Data platform development helps businesses:

  • streamline processes by making actionable insights available to people at all levels of the organisation.
  • build an environment in which more can be done with data to meet business goals and to define a strategy for growth.

Business function leader view

Data platform development helps teams break away from data silos and create a central, accessible repository from which data can be accessed, analysed and used to meet your business goals. A data platform encompasses both secure data storage and a suite of business intelligence and analysis tools that allow teams to gain valuable, actionable insights from data and improve performance in all areas.
You may need this service if:

  • data comes from disparate sources so that gaining insight is time-consuming.

  • you want to build AI features into your products.

  • your business suffers from data silos due to friction between departments or technological factors, which prevents teams from seeing the bigger picture.

  • you lack a central, secure repository for your business data.
    KPIs you should consider measuring for this are:

  • Reduced time spent analysing data from disparate sources.

  • Improved conversion rates and reduced overspend from acting on data insights.

Technical view

Developing a data platform provides access to a central service in which data can be securely stored and analysed. The data platform encompasses a data warehouse, data analysis platforms and business intelligence tools that make actionable data insights available to all relevant teams in your organisation.
Data platform development helps deliver:

  • a single repository of integrated data from one or more sources.
  • a single source of current and historical data.
  • storage of the data for reports/analytics.
  • actionable insights and feedback.
  • tiered availability of data and results of analyses to different stakeholders.
  • insights that are tailored to the user.

Get this service if you encounter:

  • difficulties aggregating data across your organisation.
  • high demand from different departments to understand the data your company holds.
  • lack of understanding of data analysis throughout your organisation.
  • difficulties aggregating data from disparate sources.
  • a need to offer tiered security access to data and insights.

Key criteria to consider are:

  • What are the cost implications of migrating to a data platform?
  • What are the potential savings after migrating to a data platform?
  • How will you ensure that data is accurate?
  • How will you ensure that data is stored securely?