Invoice Processing

Est. reading time: 2 minutes
Author: Steph Locke

Take back control of processing invoices with automatic flows that increase accuracy and save time.

Steph Locke

Technologist and consultant with a track record of delivering transformation of businesses into data science and AI companies.


Using AI and automation to manage your invoices saves you tons of time. This tool:

  • Automatically gets invoice attachments from emails with Invoice, Bill or Receipt in the subject line
  • Extracts a record of all invoices into a central spreadsheet and automatically updates this for you.

1. Important prep

To set up the GoSmarter Invoice Processing tool, you need an administrator account in Microsoft Azure.

You need to grant us the permission to setup invoice processing and after that you own and manage your own tool.

Popups: You need to enable popups so that the login boxes from Microsoft etc. will appear. This is usually done by clicking on the blocked popup symbol next to the URL bar.

3. Connect your accounts

It’s now time to add your email and Office 365 details to finish off the setup. Connecting your accounts allows the tool to extract data from your invoices. Just follow the steps.

3a. Get spreadsheet template

We provide a template spreadsheet with all necessary fields for the tool to work, you need to save the Template Spreadsheet to your OneDrive. You can also save it in other online organisations and with a different name.

3b. Find the tool deployment in Azure

  • Log in to the Microsoft Azure portal
  • Type InvoiceProcessing in the search bar and select it from the results
  • Select Edit from the top bar

3c. Connect your email

  • Select the Connections box with the Email icon
  • Click add new button and login with your Email account then choose Authorize app

3d. Connect your spreadsheet

  • Select Does email’s subject contain invoice, bill or receipt
  • In the True box select For each attachment
  • Select If attachment is a pdf filetype
  • Scroll down and select Connections with the Excel icon
  • Click add new button and login with your Email account and choose Authorize app
  • Click into the excel box and update the Location field, point it to where you saved the invoice template inside your cloud storage
  • Then update the Document Library field
  • Update the File field to point directly at the invoice template
  • Choose Table 1 to select the predefined table
  • Make sure to click save in the top tool bar and then send a test email with a subject containing invoice and a PDF invoice attached

4. All setup!

The tool is now ready to scan your inbox for invoices so you don’t have to.