Digitisation is the way forward

The construction industry employs millions and exports billions of pounds of products and services in the UK every year. However, there is wider recognition that the industry is behind the curve when it comes to digitisation.

As a small to medium construction firm or supply chain business, you need to be adopting these simple automation tools to save time and increase productivity. You can choose from six automation, get up and running in 30 minutes and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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Start with quick wins

Automation is not just about fancy robotics or smart systems, it begins with automating the smaller, more straight forward tasks and processes that waste tons of your time. For example, if you are spending hours every month updating records and chasing invoicing there is a much better way to do this.

Our Invoice Processor tool will automatically digitise all invoices and consolidate invoices from a variety of sources faster and with fewer errors than any manual process. You can set this up in 30 minutes and free yourself up for more productive work like interacting with customers.

Automation and digitalisation of invoice processing will save time and reduce human error.

Getting ahead of the game

Automation can help with identifying opportunities and growing your construction business. We are operating in uncertain times so anything you can do to bring in new opportunities makes good business sense. If you can automate it, all the better.

We can show you how to automate how you receive relevant procurement and tender opportunities saving tons of time. Our Social Media Listening tool automates how you monitor what people are saying about your firm, what’s is going on with competitors and be kept up to date at a wider industry level.

Greater collaboration, greater efficiency

Like many other SMEs in the construction industry, you have probably had to deal with furloughing staff and adjusting to remote working. In fact, as much as 56% of UK businesses will continue remote working so it’s time to get our automation tools working for you.

Our Productive Meetings tool can support your remote team and external partners more efficiently. You can generate meeting notes automatically and they are searchable by all, saving buckets of valuable time. This is handy for anyone who cannot make the meeting or those who simply wants to look up the actions at a later date.

56% of UK businesses will continue remote working making collaboration and meeting tools even more important.

Here’s the deal

GoSmarter is funded by Innovate UK, meaning that most of the development costs are covered, and Nightingale HQ can make it free for all SMEs to add value to their businesses.

  • Expert support and advice to help your business get up and running
  • Tools based on Microsoft’s online productivity platform
  • Any subscriptions (starting as low as £5 per month per user) will be multi-purpose, supporting smart automation and other activities which could reduce costs
  • We are trying to keep costs to SMEs minimal and have been able to provide the Social Listening and the FAQ Chatbot tools for free
  • All tools are designed to work alongside your current systems meaning no vendor lock-ins and the freedom to turn off any tool at any time if your circumstances change
GoSmarter is funded by Innovate UK and since most of the costs of developing it are covered, Nightingale HQ can make it free for all SMEs.

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