Our GoSmarter In A Day workshops solve one problem like processing Accounts Payable incoming invoices to demonstrate the value such automation can bring.

We’re happy to announce the launch of our GoSmarter In A Day workshops!

Our workshops allow you and your team members an opportunity to explore one aspect of AI that can help support staff in their current roles. It also offers a chance for small businesses or large enterprises to see how they can innovate using digital tools.

Solving a narrow use-case gives you an excellent case study inside your business to show how much AI can support your staff and reduce costs. The flat fee for the workshop coupled with low monthly usage-based costs makes calculating ROI easy:


100 invoices processed a month @ 10 minutes each = 16.66 hours

16.66 hours @ £25 per hour = £416 per month

Time to breakeven = £1,500 / £416 = 3.5 months

We split the day into a number of segments, so you don’t need to have a bunch of your staff out of their business as usual for a whole day. We deliver the AI-powered automation in the morning and then hold training in the afternoon. On completion of the workshop you will have a customised solution up and running plus new digital automation skills within your team.

Who doesn’t like a good bargain? GoSmarter In A Day workshops are priced at the cost of just one day of consultancy and can be booked using your credit card. Book now to take advantage of this limited time offer!

GoSmarter In A Day workshops

  • FAQ Chatbot In a Day Give people answers instantly and free up staff time from repetitive queries so everyone can spend more time doing the important things.
  • RPA In a Day Going from simple, back-office task automation to scaled automation to handle time-consuming business processes can be a challenge.
  • Apps In a Day Grow existing markets and develop new revenue streams by building your own business apps.
  • AI360 for Manufacturers Industry4.0 and Servitisation have seen many leaders already investing in digital & AI capabilities. Those who are digitally transforming are pulling ahead with 32% higher net margins and 67% higher revenue growth than competitors.
  • Sales AI In a Day Help your sales team convert more leads, keep relationships in tip-top shape, and provide improved month-end forecasts.
  • Supplier Management In a Day Improve your supplier onboarding process for everyone involved, and make managing your supply chain simpler.
  • Invoice Processing In a Day Enterprise Accounts Payable workload is no joke. Using AI and no-code tools, you free up staff time, reduces errors, and smooth your processes.
  • Social Listening In a Day Learn how to create AI-supported social media workflows to improve your presence and monitoring of social media.

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In just a single day, free up staff time, demonstrate the value of AI, and increase your team's skills. Pick a use case and book via Calendly, with safe payments using Stripe, to make an impact quickly.

GoSmarter In A Day