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Author: Will Harris

Impact festival is an event taking place in Frankfurt over 16 and 17 September. It aims to bring together thought-leaders and innovators working on sustainability to discuss and collaborate on potential problems. Our CEO, Steph Locke will be speaking there on the EIT manufacturing panel.

Will Harris

Sales and Marketing professional


We’re attending the Impact Festival on 16/17 September in Frankfurt. Our CEO, Steph Locke, will be speaking on the EIT Manufacturing panel on The Future of Sustainable Manufacturing. Steph will be joined on the panel by representatives of Orbis, P&G, Triangle Ventures and Provadis Hochschule.  

The Impact Festival is a new event that aims to create a platform for sustainable technologies and innovations. The event welcomes a wide range of speakers and experts from various fields including clean technology, resource efficiency and sustainable services. 

The organisers want to accelerate green transformation by connecting thought-leaders of sustainability, especially innovators like green start-ups, with corporates and investors. The festival is the first community-based platform of its kind in Europe and is a fantastic opportunity to bring together organisations of all types and sizes to work towards a common goal. 

We are very excited to attend and to have the opportunity to contribute to the conversation surrounding sustainability in manufacturing.

Find out more about the event over on their site.