AI Policy

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Author: Ruth Kearney

Accelerating the voice of SMEs across Europe and driving more inclusive AI policy.

Ruth Kearney

Ruth is focused on driving the commercial path at Nightingale HQ, reaching out to manufacturers to share the GoSmarter toolkit, and driving awareness …


CEO of Nightingale HQ Steph Locke has been elected as a Chairperson to the European DIGITAL SME Alliance AI Focus Group’s Steering Committee. The AI Focus Group helps tackle the problems of AI startups and SMEs, the adoption of AI by SMEs, and how EU regulation and policy impacts both groups of SMEs. The Steering Committee will help set the agenda for the broader group of ~100 SMEs involved in the focus group.

Many thanks to the support of Daniel Nepelski & Sarah De Nigris from the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC). Steph joins the following members of the Steering Committee

- Pr. Thomas Bäckdivis intelligent solutions GmbH 
Dr. Xenia ZiouvelouNCSR “DEMOKRITOS"​
Lucía Laorden Zubimendi, Decidata, and Legal Hackers Bilbao 
Emilia Tantar, PhDBlack Swan LUX.
Stelian BRADTechnical University of Cluj-Napoca 

Learn more about European DIGITAL SME Alliance has launched a Focus Group Artificial Intelligence (AI).