AI Connect Managed Service

Minimise procurement efforts by using our panel of vetted AI consultants to deliver your projects via our integrated platform seamlessly.

Our algorithm is designed to match you with an expert based on your project criteria and their expertise, saving you valuable time, money and effort.

Access to vetted AI talent with a range of experts in one place. Every data and AI maturity, vertical and tech stack covered. Management and administration through a single point.

Coordinating multiple AI projects across departments can be chaotic. Outsourcing to one generalised consultancy means compromising on quality at a mismatched price, while enlisting different specialists for each project adds unnecessary hassle and time-consuming admin.

You need the best of both worlds. Nightingale HQ’s AI Connect offers a single point of administration through which you can access a pool of curated AI consultants across a range of verticals to precisely fit each project. No compromise on quality, time or budget.

Every expert on our platform goes through a vetting process to make sure that they are ready to work seamlessly with enterprise clients, providing you with secure, quality connection for various projects, all in one place.

Put an end to your painful procurement nightmare. Let’s have a quick chat to discuss how we can help. Contact us