AI Direct

Generating value with AI is a daunting task, one which most companies are finding challenging. How do you develop a meaningful strategy and develop an AI-ready culture? For us, success in AI adoption comes from taking a broad strategic, organisational, and technological approach to generating value to the business.

Alongside the training and projects part of our Nightingale platform, we offer a set of practical tools for managers and leadership teams to accelerate their strategic efforts.

Our AI Direct platform gives you a new and targeted way to tackle adoption of AI. Incorporating ideas from organisational psychology, innovation adoption, and change management, we combine studied behaviours with our practical experience from the field to build a platform that really helps. We also use the real-world data being captured inside the system to make recommendations more targeted and effective.

We put everything into a single place to support rapid development of your AI strategy and manage its roll out. Crucially though, we know everyone has their own way of making things real so we integrate with common change and project management tools to ensure different business units and teams can work in the way they want to.

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AI Direct

AI Direct approach