DataHack Bootcamp for Technical Support Teams

This bootcamp is for technical support teams who need to learn about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming business.

DataHack Bootcamp for Technical Support Teams

This DataHack Bootcamp is designed to increase the overall level of data literacy of your organisation and brings your teams up to speed with how AI is transforming business. Over the course of seven weeks, learners take a deep-dive into how data science applies to customers service and how key topics including Artificial Intelligence, Data Visualisation and Data Analytics can drive better growth & revenue opportunities for business.

The programme has been designed for any organisation who need an understanding of how this disruptive technology is changing the way companies market their products and services. It develops teams who are making data-driven decisions for clients every day and seek to improve how to analyse, diagnose and resolve issues more effectively.

It makes good business sense to future-proof important skillsets as the market for AI products and services is predicted to grow exponentially. We have created a course that develops AI-readiness across your organisation in a very real and practical way.

Action projects

Action projects

Put skills into practise with real project work. Work on a Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) project or on a pre-defined one.



Learn from industry experts who are passionate about teaching.

Live lectures

Live lectures

Lectures are delivered live so learners can interact with peers and get feedback in real time. Classes are recorded and help reinforce learning afterwards.



Never miss out on lessons as all our content is recorded, allowing you to learn at your own pace, whenever you want and with greater flexibility.

Course outcomes

On completion of this course participants will:

  • Understand what AI is how it impacts business
  • Learn about automating manual tasks
  • Recognise AI tools/processes for growth & revenue opportunities
  • Recognise the value of Data Visualisation as an effective sales/retention tool
  • Apply Data Visualisation skills to communicate value more effectively
  • Apply Data Journalism and Social Listening methods to work
  • Understand Responsible AI (Trust, Bias, Ethics)
  • Learn about the basics of data compliance and GDPR.
Lin Lin from Citibank
Lin Lin, Model Risk, Citibank

This training provided a fresh perspective on the core business impact of AI. A great opportunity to gain insights and innovative ideas from many excellent teachers.

Course fit

This course is perfect for any team that is looking to make data-driven decisions, particularly in a client-facing role. The course will help people improve their ability to analyse, diagnose, and resolve issues more effectively.

Ideal for

Customer Service Teams
Customer Service Teams

This team resolves escalations and they are committed to ensuring quality and productivity targets are achieved and excelled. Learning how AI can help automate tasks and strengthen relationships with new and existing customers will save valuable time for this team.

Customer Success Team
Customer Success Team

This team works closely to discover the needs and challenges of customers while continually driving business value. Our training strengthens existing SaaS and accounts management backgrounds with new ways of how AI can impact the process and enhance onboarding, loyalty and engagement.

Technical Support Team
Technical Support Team

This team get to the root of problems quickly and have an understanding of enterprise security, user management, protocols, concepts and cloud services. Our training can augment the current skillsets and improve many aspects of the overall customer service process from optimising ticketing systems and escalation data analysis.

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On-demand access

Never miss out on lessons as all our content is recorded and participants will receive full access. Self-paced learning, whenever and with complete flexibility. In conjunction with live classes our recordings reinforce learning.

Industry Led

Our training is delivered by a wide range of world-class practitioners who have a strong track record successful AI and data training and adoption across many industries.

Steph Locke
Steph Locke

Data Scientist, author of several books on R and data science, and now Entrepreneur; Steph is passionate about helping business use their data more effectively, and adopt AI.

Course Structure

The Bootcamp consists of activities occurring over 7 week time frame. We combine multiple methods of teaching to reinforce learning including live lectures, labs, mentoring, assignments and action learning project challenges.

Course Overview

3-4 week before startPre-course workProject scope complete. Reading & Resource list released
Week 1Introduction to AI. How does it add value to business?AI Quick Win Activity Use cases and application Assignment 1
Week 2Data Infrastructure Overview and the process of Customer ServiceAssignment 2
Week 3AI for cost saving and automation; tools and process improvementsBYOD Project Launch
Week 4AI tools/processes for growth & revenue opportunities
Week 5Data Visualisation as an intelligence tool
Week 6
Week 7AI and my roleBYOD Pitches
Vivien Tajmin from Bluebridge Technologies
Vivien Tajmin, Software QA Engineer, Bluebridge Technologies

The course skyrocketed the core skills and concepts that I needed and that are relevant to the real world. The curriculum had a constant focus on application and action learning. The duration is long enough to cover all core areas and short enough so that you are not putting your life on hold. A life-changing experience for me.

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Course details

DateRolling dates throughout the year depending on business requirments
FormatRecommended format is 7 week Bootcamp with weekly classes for 90 minutes We can accommodate alternative times with sufficient notice
CostThis training is for groups of between 5 and 25 and is based on a per person basis Please contact us to discuss your training requirements.
TrainerSteph Locke

Course deliverables

The bootcamp is outcome-oriented with practical deliverables developed at different stages. Participants will have the following tangible outputs on completion. In terms of feedback on deliverables, there is a mixture of formative and summative that focuses on knowledge, reflection and application of skills and competencies.

Course componentDeliverablesFeedback/Evaluation
7 weeks online sessionsAttendance recommendedOnline sign-in
3 assignmentsShort practical activities to implement tools/methods to participants own work.Online feedback with trainer
BYOD ProjectFinal pitch presentation (12 minutes) Final written report (3500 – 5000 words) Data output such as organisation process improvement or custom visualisationWritten feedback Online feedback sessions with trainer
Reflection assignmentShort written piece where participants reflect on their learning experience and how they have applied learning within their own context. (1000 words) Opetional.Self-evaluation.

Ways to get this course


Memberships based groups and bodies can come together to avail of our training.


Develop your team with flexible on-demand training.


Upskill learners across your organisation with the most in-demand digital skills.

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Additional information

Why take a bootcamp?

The bootcamp structure by definition is a relatively short-term, intense duration involving a robust balance of theory and practice, practitioner-led workshops, andmentorship with experienced practitioners. It gets you to where you want to go and quickly.

Is attendance mandatory?

Attendance to the live sessions is highly recommended.

How are deliverables evaluated?

Both formative and summative feedback is provided both throughout the course and on completion of the course deliverables. The focuses is on knowledge and application of skills and competencies. Feedback takes the form written, individual and group sessions.

How is the course evaluated?

Both participants and trainers evaluate the course through feedback questionnaires and follow up 1-1 discussions.

What is the situation with hardware and software?

Virtual Machines with setup for the duration of the programme. For those who want to use their own device, a list of items to install will be shared.