GoSmarter Toolbox

Nightingale’s GoSmarter Toolbox for SME’s completely demystifies Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the value it can bring to your business. Containing six free-to-use, AI-based tools you can automate manual tasks and repetitive processes - giving you more time for the important stuff like connecting with your customers and growing your business.

These tools integrate with the software and systems used on day-to-day basis for any business. They will automate and improve processes in marketing, sales and other key areas.

  • Improve Sales processes with AI
  • Augment your customer service with Chatbots
  • Extract value from Accessible meetings
  • Automatic Invoice processing
  • Leverage Social Listening
  • Productivity-boosting Robotic Process Automation

This service is completely free of charge for small and medium business across the UK and is funded by the UK government.

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