Data Collection

Data collection is the systematic process of gathering and measuring information from relevant sources to monitor a situation or answer a question.

What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the connectivity of computing devices that allows them to interact with each other.


What is data platform development?

Developing a data platform can transform your organisation's approach to storage and analysis of data. Find out more at Nightingale HQ.


What is data platform auditing?

Data platform auditing reviews your data platform for security, compliance, and structure. Discover more at Nightingale HQ.


What is data platform security auditing?

Data platform security auditing reviews the security of your data platform and provides recommendations for improvements.


What are long-range, low-power sensor networks?

Long-range, low-power sensor networks help businesses develop smart, IoT products or integrate connectivity into existing products. Learn more at …


What is data collection?

Collecting data can help solve business problems and make better decisions. Learn more about how Nightingale HQ can help you streamline this process.