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Manufacturing Solutions Conference 2023

Next week the NHQ team will be panelling and exhibiting at the Manufacturing Solutions Conference on 14/15 June in Technological University Of The …


NHQ at DDD South West 2023

Richard Jackson, Cloud Software Engineer here at Nightingale HQ (NHQ), gave his first ever conference talk at DDD South West 2023. “.NET, Azure & …


Microsoft Emissions Impact Dashboard - what you need to know

The Microsoft Emissions Impact Dashboard measures the impact of cloud usage on your carbon footprint. You can track your savings and plan for further …


What is a citizen developer?

Discover what citizen developers are and what they can contribute to today's manufacturing industry.


MLOps is like process engineering for Data Science

Read about MLOps to find out what they are all about. Today, MLOps can help businesses grow and thrive.


FAQ Chatbot In a Day

Cut query volumes by more than 50% with an FAQ chatbot.