Understanding AI

As the powers and capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) expand and evolve, the same cannot be said for the general understanding of the topic. Learn more in our articles demystifying AI.

Chatbots explained

Chatbots are computer programmes that provide a text-based interface to help people access information or perform tasks. Chatbot conversations can …


Nightingale HQ to present at Digital Manufacturing Week 2020

Nightingale HQ are invited to the Made Smarter Emerging Technology Show. Read more about this year's agenda.


AI Winters and hype

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The real dangers of AI: Getting left behind

It's important to understand the real threats and opportunities of AI - learn about how ignoring it poses the biggest threat.


Decoding the hype around AI

Read our tips on how to decode the hype around AI. Discover more AI and data articles at Nightingale HQ.