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Author: Steph Locke

Software engineering intern with a background in Aerospace Engineering

Starting with a passion for engineering and Aerospace Liam has broadened his career goals with his interests in software engineering. His interest in the software side of engineering started while undertaking his undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering, where he relied upon programming to carry out mathematical operations on large datasets.

This interest in software engineering blossomed while undertaking his MSc in Aerospace engineering, where he used a combination of programming and scripting to automate a tedious simulation problem for his dissertation. The simulation problem required running thousands of near identical simulations each with different input parameters. Based on the results of these simulations new parameters where produced that would then be run in the next batch of simulations. By producing a program that would run scripts at the appropriate times he greatly increased his operational efficiency. Instead of running a software simulation, interpreting the results, determining what the input parameters for the next simulation should be then running the next simulation every 20 minutes, he could just leave the program that he produced running for a month. This allowed a much larger data set to be produced, which improved the results of the dissertation.

Ever since his interest in software engineering has only grown, and he now wishes to pursue a career in the software engineering field.