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Author: Ruth Kearney

Cloud Software EngineerMatt is a seasoned C# developer of over a decade with a focus more recently on Blazor.

Matthew is a Cloud Software Engineer at Nightingale HQ, bringing over 10 years of experience in software development. He specializes in Blazor web applications, with over 3 years of dedicated experience, and has extensive expertise in .NET and C# spanning more than a decade.

Matthew began his career as a Systems Designer at Jagex, where he honed his skills in creating complex systems. He later transitioned to roles focused on automation engineering, which paved the way for his current specialization in cloud solutions. Throughout his career, Matthew has made significant open-source contributions, including to the MudBlazor project, demonstrating his commitment to the development community and continuous learning.

In his current role at Nightingale HQ, Matthew leverages his deep knowledge of Blazor and .NET to develop robust cloud-based applications, driving innovation and efficiency.