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Author: Richard Jackson

Cloud Software Engineer

Rich is a cloud software engineer with a mixed career of data scientist, musician and educator, spanning the past 15 years. He has a passion for process and communication, and has given workshops and talks on their roles within the tech industry. Within Nightingale HQ his work focuses on cloud-native software development, technical exploration, and data engineering.

Based in Cardiff, his educational background has always been split between the logical and the artistic, reading BA Pure Mathematics with Music, MMus Composition and MSc. Computing, all at Cardiff University. He has found his diverse career to have produced a solid foundation of soft skills and has led to a focus on clarity of intent, necessity of action and the value of shared understanding. He brings these skills to all he is involved in and is always actively seeking to improve his skillset.

Rich is actively involved in tech communities such as Umbraco and Reaper DAW. His work was recognised through receipt of an Umbraco Most Valuable People (MVP) award in 2024, and is a regular public speaker at local and international events. He is also a classically trained musician who releases material under the name “JacksorJacksor”. When he’s not working or writing music he can typically be found wild swimming somewhere far colder than it has any right to be.