Digital supply chain manager

Reduce the effort of creating and maintaining your supplier relationships with a digital supply chain management tool based in Dynamics 365.

Onboard suppliers

Onboard and gather compliance information for new suppliers.

Exchange data

Help you and your suppliers swap data, maintaining visibility.

Faster decisions

Make decisions quicker through integrated supply chain, finance, and operational data .

Build better processes

This tool will help acclerate your business towards more effecitent digital operations. Move beyond multiple spreadsheets, paper forms, and complex processes to a single no-code solution that you, your suppliers, and your staff will love.

How to get started

You can deploy this tool yourself if you have in-house Dynamics 365 skills. If you’re not using Dynamics 365 currently to help your business operate more effectively, or if you need a helping hand on the installation, you can book a call with us and we can take you through it.