For the executive

We take business leaders on a deep-dive into emerging technologies, Machine Learning and becoming AI-ready.

AI in Action MC - This is a 1-day masterclass for non-technical managers who need to understand AI and what impact it is going to have on their business. Learn from the most relevant use cases and understand on a practical level where automation occurs and significant cost savings are achieved. Take away important practical toolset including AI readiness
- AI implementation and impact - Creating an AI-ready culture. Structures, building teams and frameworks - Data Infrastructure - Privacy, ethics, and compliance: regulatory frameworks including FTC, FCC, GDPR, and general guidance on managing with privacy in mind - Adopting AI means overcoming cultural, skills, and technical challenges that most businesses aren’t equipped to identify, tackle, and monitor.

Adoption of AI in organisations is slow. There is a gap between what people want to do the and reality within their company. Developing an AI-ready culture is as much about leadership development, building capabilities and understanding cultural change.

Our executive training helps business leaders to navigate the complexity of developing an AI-ready strategy, increasing their chances of success and more importantly the right alignment to overall business objectives.

Our training provides insights into valuable and relevant use cases to demonstrate key drivers to successful strategy formulation. It looks at the details as to what AI ‘quick-wins’ are working and why and the longer-term projects that require greater resources. The challenges and opportunities of resourcing and building core capabilities across the organisations are also identified and practically worked through on our AI Ready Canvas. We have a strong track record of bringing leaders on a deep dive into the strategic and practical implications of developing an AI strategy. You will leave our training with an understanding of who AI can help you save costs and automate but you will also understand how AI can help you generate growth and new revenue opportunities.

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