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Author: Samantha Dart MSc

Partnering on EI Digitalisation Vouchers with Irish manufacturers Midland Steel and Shabra Plastics.

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Samantha Dart MSc

Digital Marketing Intern


Our CEO Ruth Kearney presented at the Advanced Technologies in Manufacturing (ATIM) cluster workshop in the Irish Manufacturing Research Centre in Mullingar. Ruth was there to share details of working on two EI Digitalisation Vouchers with Irish manufacturers, namely Midland Steel and Shabra Plastics. She presented details of the value and benefits achieved through the reviews and how practical they are at jump-starting digital. Check out Ruth’s presentation below

Digital Review - Steel Manufacturing by Ruth Kearney

Colm Connolly, Shabra’s  Operations Manager also gave insights as to the value of engaging in digitalisation in an increasingly complex and changing market. You can read more about the reviews on the presentation and the case study below. Check out Ruth’s presentation to find out more about the reviews and find a case study below.  

The event was opened by Minister Robert Troy who discussed how the government is committed to supporting advanced manufacturing in the region. He also made reference to the new Digital Transition Fund. The event was led by ATIM Cluster Manager Caitríona Mordan who works with businesses throughout the region and who added that

“Digital transformation can be a daunting journey, the cluster helps companies navigate and accelerate their digital transformation by linking them with the right supports. We are focused on enabling a robust innovation ecosystem, which is critical for companies to remain competitive amidst the unprecedented changes the manufacturing sector is facing at present.”  

Funding supports 

Enterprise Ireland (EI) was out in force and presented key funding initiatives including the Digitalisation Voucher scheme and the Business Innovation Fund to support implementation. The event was held at the Irish Manufacturing Research Centre where talks were given on the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) and the knowledge gained from supporting companies engaging in this globally recognised framework. The event ended with a tour of the center showcasing emerging technologies, robotics, and use cases.  

Overall, a very purposeful and great networking occasion, the members of the cluster had a great understanding and were open to the opportunities that digitalisation could bring to their businesses.  

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