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Succeed with AI with support ranging from training to bespoke projects

Fast-track implementations

One of the biggest barriers to any business adopting AI is the skills gap that exists for implementation. We have designed a series of In A Day events that deploy a specific tool, customised to your needs, but also delivers training so you can replicate our success in implementing it.

Your AI support team

You’ve been working hard for a while and now you’re ready to take your business, or perhaps even just your data projects, in an entirely new direction. Maybe it’s time for a change? Let our team of experts help bring the best out of what might be hidden potentials with strategy advice on how to do “X” better! You’ll find that we are committed to getting results fast – after all, why wait when success is only as far away as tomorrow?!

You may need extra support from experienced AI specialists if you want larger more complex projects done quickly but maybe some strategic advice would suffice too. Whatever needs come up during this journey towards improvement – let us know because no one wants their efforts wasted like they were before! We have an expert network of specialists who can help you.

Bespoke project support

What are the best ways to utilise artificial intelligence in your company? Don’t worry – our team is available for consultation.

While most managers understand the potential of AI, many struggle to define its real business value. We work with organisations at all stages of AI adoption on bespoke projects unique to their business needs. If you want a practical approach that will maximise return on investment and help improve efficiency contact us now!

You can deploy tools straight away to improve your operations. You’ll find an excellent selection of tools in our GoSmarter Toolbox.

Discuss your AI requirements with our CEO

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Available events

Schedule an In A Day event to improve one process, acting as a demonstrator of AI’s potential whilst boosting your team’s knowledge.

Apps In a Day

Grow existing markets and develop new revenue streams by building your own business apps.


AI360 for Manufacturers

Learn about how AI will impact and transform your business.


Social Listening In a Day

Learn how to create AI-supported social media workflows to improve your presence and monitoring of social media.


Supplier Management In a Day

Empower your suppliers with self-service access and reduce the burden on your own team.


Sales AI In a Day

Help your sales team convert more leads, keep relationships in tip-top shape, and provide improved month-end forecasts.


FAQ Chatbot In a Day

Cut query volumes by more than 50% with an FAQ chatbot.


Invoice Processing In a Day

Automate invoice processing for your Accounts Payable team


RPA In a Day

Going from simple, back-office task automation to scaled automation to handle time-consuming business processes can be a challenge.